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About Ionix


Ionix  is the Brand of Perfect Sales India and we are one of the most recognized and trusted brands globally for the manufacture, distribution, supply and trading of  Testing Equipments across various industries , Company is engaged in High tech Enterprise Integrating , Research and development , Production and sale , The company is located in Faridabad city , Main products include Testing Equipment's Like TDS meters , PH meters , Soil quality demonstration devices  & Other products like Whole house water filtration system , Home Appliances filtration systems
Since its inception in 2003 , Brand Ionix has grown from a small domestic company to a huge giant in the global water industry, proving to be a mighty competitor to the import markets. With a growing market monopoly in Testing equipments. Today Companies  product range includes a complete collection of water purification components such as RO Systems, Bracket, Filter Wounds, Housing, Membrane and Pump among others. Manufactured domestically from top grade materials, these products are precision engineered to enhance water purification.
In its short journey, the company has built a unique customer base of dealers and OEM manufacturers making it a globally recognized brand with strong dealer networks across the world.


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